MODERN is an international interdisciplinary research team capable of undertaking the challenging task of modeling the environmental and human health effects resulting from exposure to eNPs.

The primary objective of MODERN is to develop a new robust framework suitable for evaluating the environmental and health impact of eNPs. This encompasses:

  • the identification of eNP categories,
  • the development of new [Quantitative] Nanostructure-Property Relationship ([Q]NPR) and [Quantitative] Nanostructure-Activity Relationship ([Q]NAR) models to relate intrinsic molecular (nanostructure) and physicochemical properties of nanoparticles with their adverse effects (e.g., toxicity), and
  • the establishment of hazard ranking and safe-by-design strategies. This objective is a challenging task since fundamental information (experimental or theoretical) regarding mechanisms of nano-bio interactions is limited.

Therefore, new fundamental knowledge and novel computational tools suitable to characterize eNPs in terms of their physicochemical and structural properties as well as their bioavailability and toxicity/safety in biological systems are required.