Anapath - Pathway Analisys

This web application identifies pathways which are differentially expressed, from high-throughput transcriptomics or proteomics assays. It also highlights the important genes in connection to those pathways. It makes use of pathway reference information from a curated database. The algorithm is based on network statistics calculated over a genome-wide network, built from the data available for the target species.
nanoDMS - Nanomaterial Data Management System

nanoDMS is a Nanomaterial Data Management System developed within the EU FP7 project MODERN. The application is intended to streamline the creation and management of nanosafety data and to facilitate data sharing via the ISA-TAB-Nano format.
ISA-TAB-Nano Validator

ISA-TAB-Nano Validator is a web service for ISA-TAB-Nano files validator. Investigation files can be processed all together or one by one. Both ISA-TAB-Nano versions 1.1 and 1.2 are allowed.